Best Klein Multimeter of 2018: Reviews and Comparisons

When you are shopping for a new multimeter, it can be hard with all the various options available.  That being said, you need to have an idea of what your needs are when you are looking at these tools.  Each multimeter has different functions, and they can be best suited for different uses.  Because of all these variations in uses for multimeters, I always suggest the brand Klein.  This brand has been around since 1857, and they are known for over 3800 hand tools they have on the market.  Overall, this company provides great tools, with a variety of different choices that fits everyones needs.  I choose Klein for my multimeters because of their durability, their functionality, and their accuracy!  Below I have written individual reviews of my favorite Klein multimeters, so hopefully this will help you decision.  Along with this, if you are looking for more multimeter reviews then check out our homepage!

Klein MM1000 Electrician Multimeter

Klein MM1000This was one of my first professional multimeters, and it’s overall one of the most popular electrician tools around.  This is a quality digital multimeter that is featured with an auto ranging which quickly provides you with vital information.  The build of this tool is quite good.  It is made of extremely durable rubber that can take a beating, which is great for the on the job use.  Along with this, it is fitted with rubber ribs on the sides for increased grip.  The good thing about this multimeter in particular, is that it has such a huge functionality, and it has the ability to test just about anything. It has the ability to test DC/AC currents, duty circles, voltage, resistance and of course capacitance.

The AC/DC voltages on this multimeter have quite a high limit.  They can measured up to 1000 volts, and the current is measured up to 10 amps.  Along with this the Klein MM1000 can handle resistance up to 40M with a capacity range of up to 4000µF.

Klein MM200 Multimeter

Klein MM200The Klein MM200 Multimeter is a step down from the MM1000 I reviewed above.  This multimeter is great for home use on simple appliances, but I definitely wouldn’t suggest it on larger jobs and for work.  This isn’t because it’s a poor quality multimeter, it’s more because the safety regulations and the functionality is more suited for small appliances.  That being said, it’s designed for these small jobs, and it does it tremendously!

This is built with a similar rubber design as the last multimeter.  It is extremely durable, and it is designed for durability and to be ergonomic for your comfort.  It features the same auto ranging function that the MM1000 features which makes it great for everyday use.  The screen itself is great, it is very readable in all light because of its backlit display.  As for the measurements, it can read up to 600 volts, which surpasses any type of small home appliance you should come across.  Along with this is the capacity is up to 10 amps.  Along with this, it comes with a two year warranty from Klein, which should put your mind at ease.

Overall Klein is a great brand that I thoroughly recommend for any of your hand tool needs.  They provide superior quality that is durable enough to withstand any drops and falls that might accidentally happen upon it.