Fluke 115 Compact True-RMS Digital Multimeter Review

The Fluke 115 Compact True-RMS Digital Multimeter is one of the best all around multimeters on the market currently.  It is a mid-tier multimeter that has an affordable price while featuring a huge amount of functions that enable you to test nearly anything you might come across.  Overall the Fluke 115 was one of our overall picks in our multimeter reviews section, and for good reason!

Features of the Fluke 115 Multimeter

Similar to the Fluke 117 and other higher end Fluke multimeters, the 115 is designed with functionality in mind.  With CAT III Safety Certification, this multimeter is designed to handle nearly anything you might throw at it.  

Fluke 115 Review

The Fluke 115 Digital is featured with a quite large, and very easy to read white LED backlit screen, which makes it incredibly easy to read the screen, no matter the lighting.  Along with this, it is designed to withstand and measure up to 600 volts, and up to 20 amps, which is more than enough for nearly anything you'll come up against.  

Overall this Fluke multimeter has some features that you won't find on any other multimeters in its price range.  It has advanced testing and troubleshooting functions like the Min/Max function to help understand fluctuating signals.  

​Pros of the Fluke 115 Multimeter

  • Usability:  This multimeter is very easy to use for people of any experience level.  It features an easy to read display with a simple button layout, while displaying signals in an easy to read format.
  • Price: With all the functions available for this multimeter, the price tag is extremely reasonable!
  • Durability: The casing for this multimeter is extremely durable and can withstand some heavy falls.  I have had my 115 for the past five years on the job and it shows near to zero signs of wear and tear.
  • Safety: This multimeter is CAT III certified with overload protection.  This helps protect your multimeter from taking in too much voltage.

Cons of the Fluke 115 Multimeter

  • This multimeter doesn't have the ability to measure either milliamps or microamps.
  • When measuring extremely small volts, this multimeter doesn't display tenths of millivolts.

My Verdict

Overall the Fluke 115 multimeter is a fantastic tester, and I truly recommend it to anyone that is in need of an accurate multimeter for a reasonable price.  The accessories and the brand warranty truly should leave your mind at easy when thinking about this product.